Thursday, November 25, 2010

SKCC Tribune Award!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather 'round and pay heed to the news of this day !

Let there be revelry & celebration for yet another Centurion has advanced to the Tribune level of SKCC achievement !!!

Phil Roland, N1DN, SKCC #6482C, of West Hartford, Connecticut, has achieved the coveted 2nd generation SKCC Member achievement known far and wide as the Tribune Award.

The Tribune Award is earned by SKCC Centurions who work 50 other Centurions and Tribunes. Phil’s log & application was submitted to the Tribune Administrator on 24 November 2010. The Tribune Award Analysis Team performed an exhaustive review of the submitted documentation. The process confirmed that all of the 50 required contacts had indeed been made with established SKCC Centurions or Tribunes subsequent to Phil’s Centurion Award date.

Having submitted a log and sworn statement, both of which have survived the intense tests used by the Tribune Administrator, Phil Roland, N1DN, is duly proclaimed to be SKCC Tribune Number 354.

This SKCC member shall, from this day forward, proclaim to all that his SKCC Number ends with T. He shall enjoy all the honor and privilege that appertains thereto and all shall accord him the esteem and respect appropriate to his achievements.

The Master Tribune List has been duly scribed where all SKCC Members may reflect upon and pay tribute to this momentous achievement.

Congratulations to:

Phil Roland, N1DN, SKCC #6482T, Tribune number 354 !

Duly approved, recorded, and published,

I set forth my hand and key.

24 November 2010

Ron Bower, AC2C
SKCC 2748T
SKCC Tribune Administrator

Monday, November 22, 2010

Letter to Bill N2CQR

Dear Bill,

I am writing to congratulate you on all your success with SolderSmoke, and thank you for your contributions to our wonderful hobby. I hope you never tire of being praised for your efforts, for I need to express my gratitude in the great halls of 'Nack-dom.

This letter began in spirit this past summer, as our family walked in downtown Juno....during a wonderful cruise vacation to Alaska. The wife and kids were thinking of the next shore excursion, and I was thinking of "Mike KL7R, on the Mendenahall Glacier, near Juno, Alaska". Let me expand:

I came to ham radio and SolderSmoke in midlife. Last year I began listening to the podcast, starting back with episode one. I would listen to you and Mike often on the way to work, getting my fill of ham radio electronics while waiting for the next new episode release. I naturally had to have the Solder Smoke 'the book', and enjoyed learning how much each of us in this hobby seem to have in common. It was through the book one night ....not too long ago....that I learned of Mike's tragic death. I'm not ashamed to say that "SolderSmoke" the book brought a tear to my eye.

Today I am more of an appliance operator that I care to say....but SolderSmoke has prompted me to break out the soldering iron and dabble with small components when possible. Our children are similar ages, and I'm hopeful to get my 11 year old on the air 'real soon'. Thank you for reminding us that ham radio is more than big stations, big power, and big antennas. AND thank you for teaching me that olive oil is great on my preferred breakfast on the run.

I've started listening to the early episodes again. They continue to contribute to my enjoyment of ham radio.....and to life!

73 from Connecticut

Phil, N1DN

photo: Point Retreat Lighthouse near Juno, AK


12/10/10 - Bill thanks for mentioning my letter on the December, 2010 episode of the SolderSmoke Podcast.