Thursday, August 28, 2014

DXLab Group Rocks

I've used various loggers over time, and have settled on the DXLab Suite of integrated programs.  They work well with my PC / Flex 3000 / PowerSDR.  Updating one of the programs this week was troublesome as Norton Antivirus kept blocking the exe file.  I consulted the DXLab support group on Yahoo, got quick guidance on how to keep my PC safe with Norton, while allowing DXLab to update frequently as needed.  This has to be one of the best support site in radio.  Thanks!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Double QSL Treat from KH6LC

77 degrees, 29.89 in
A brief passing thunderstom with a touch of rain

I had the opportunity to work the  KH6LC Hawaii Contest Station on two bands during this year's ARRL International DX Contest, WAY BACK in February.  Outgoing QSLs sat on my desk, burried under 'stuff' for many months.  I finally cleared out the pile several weeks ago.  Lloyd was very kind to give me a quick reply with 2 QSLs and a personal note. You can see from the website, this is a big operation! KH6LC Contest Station  I really appreciate the personal attention to QSLing!  Thanks Lloyd.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Straight Keys and Fish Tacos

Tonight was the monthly Straight Key Century Club 2 hour Sprint.  Just prior to the Sprint, I upgrade SKCCLogger and set the program options to work with my Flex 3000 and PowerSDR.  Works like a charm!  Thanks Ron, AC2C for a great logger.  I had a nice run on 40 meters for about 30 minutes.  Thanks to all for your calls!  Some ?automated wide band digital activity took over the frequency, so I took the opportunity to watch a Bobby Flay grilling show on fish tacos.  I came back just before the end and enjoyed the 'rush' near the top of the hour with S&P QSOs with W4KRN and K2DEP.  I enjoyed meeting several new members on the air tonight.  Thanks for your SKCC NRs:  Dale K3SEN, Louis WB9YJE, Foster WF4O, and James KC0JKD.  At the close of a nice evening, I had 13 QSOs and a neat recipe for Mahi Mahi fish tacos!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Just 1 QRP contact

There was little time for radio tonight, packing the kids who will leave for school soon.  Starting up DXLABS, I was first greeted by my friend Norton SONAR who promptly deleted Commander from my system.  I tried to fix this problem using the excellent DXLABS group on Yahoo - wonderful help there.  However, the problem persists, and even Windows firewall decide give me trouble tonight as well.  I've posted a request for help on the Yahoo group; more to come on this soon.

I called CQ on 30 meters using 5 watts, with no answer. I then decided to try the reliable QRP section of 40 meters.  KX4P was calling CQ, and answered my reply on the first try.  John, KX4P is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina and gave me a 559 report.  John's a great CW operator, and I was please to copy his code without difficulty guessing at around 22 wpm.

The KX4P gave me several "P"s to work toward this Month's NAQCC challenge - collect call signs to spell out the names of the original continents.   While I'll never make the full nine name, I just need ONE for a participation point with NAQCC.   I just need an "F" to complete my spelling of Africa:

F - any takers?

73, phil