Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sulphur and Snohomish in one sitting

30 degrees and clear, but sadly no snow

The bands are busy this New Years Day include continued activity for the ARRL Straight Key Night event.  Being employed with a 'day job', I don't get many opportuniities to operate the high bands during daylight hours.  I decided to give 21 MHz a try, and the Cobra Sr Dipole tunes nicely throughout 15 meters.

I answered a CQ from Mark, KN7T, in Snohomish, WA.   Signal reports 599 both ways.   I learned that Ron works in aviation, and there is a great photo of a B52 on his QSL card.   We exchanged SKCC numbers.  I sent a card his way and hope to get one in return.

I then called CQ and was answered by Carl, N5XE.  We had a great chat with solid copy, 589 / 599 reports.  This was an opportunity to exchange SKCC numbers and FISTS numbers as well.   This represents the 3rd contact I've made with Carl over the same number of years, and our third band to date.   He has a great collection of 'Bug' telegraph keys on his QRZ web site.  Check it out.