Wednesday, March 2, 2011

N4KGL QRP: N4KGL Radio Beacon Rocket Feb 12th Launch Report

N4KGL QRP: N4KGL Radio Beacon Rocket Feb 12th Launch Report: "Thanks to all who were listening for the N4KGL/B beacon on 14.060 MHz which was launched at 1730 UTC on Saturday Feb 12th from the SouthEast..."

Greg, Fine Business on your Rocket Launch. I'm sorry that I missed it, and hope to follow along here and catch future launch(es). 'Great to see that a fellow SKCC neighbor WA2OQJ in Long Island logged your beacon. 73 Phil


  1. Hi Phil! Boy its a small world, I was for no reason at all doing a google search on my call and there I pop up in your blog! hi hi...

    Yes I caught the rocket launch and am happy to report so far I am two for two. i heard the beacon on both launches although this time it was not as good as the first launch...

    I even remembered to record it! I sent Greg the recording although using an iPhone next to the speaker leaves a lot to be desired working with weak signals!

    Glad I found your blog, I will be sure to stop by and have a read!

    Jim WA2OQJ

  2. Jim, Good to see you drop by. I'll be listening across Long Island Sound for your pounding QRP signal.