Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

"People can still smell the rain, hear the owls, eagles and coyotes, and feel the sun's warmth and the brace of the wind that can come and go on a moments notice."    A quote from the on-line travel journal of Patrick Rodden:  Searching North of 45 Degrees.

New Years Day brings both resolutions and (perhaps even better) revelations.   I looked over my 2011 radio goals, and can't say I made great progress over the past year.  Perhaps "radio revelations" is a better approach for 2012:

-Amateur Radio is a great hobby that inspires learning, investigation, and fellowship.
-Hiking and biking regional trails, plus hiking to mountain tops, provide a great opportunity for portable, low power radio operating (or perhaps the other way around)
-Digital modes are fun and I need to learn more
-CW is even more fun, and for me provides the ultimate challenge in this hobby. Continually work on skill, technique, and speed.
-6 meters is said to be the magical band.  I've recently found the 'nack of 6m beacons. 6 meter propagation, in it's many forms, and potential relation to weather, is very interesting.

In closing, I logged onto  today, to check out the entries of big time road cyclist for January 1, 2012.   A number of Australians have logged 60+ mile rides for the first day of their new year.  Just by chance (really?) the home page was 'randomly' highlighting the journal of cyclist Patrick Rodden.  He has a number of long distance cycling accolades to his credit.   This happened to link to his travelogue of a Pacific Northwest to Yukon cycling tour at    I began reding his travel journal and I AM HOOKED.    Highly recommended reading!    The internet truly weaves an intriguing 'web' and I am learning a great deal about the thoughts, personal tragedies, and triumphs of this inspirational cyclist.

Happy New Year and Very 73
Phil, N1DN

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