Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Study of Evaporation

Motivated by "Citizen Science" advocate Forest Mimms' and his studies of the atmosphere, I decided to run an initial experiment of water evaporation (or perhaps sublimation) during the New England winter.


1.  Place 500 ml of room temperature water in a plastic pan
2.  The pan is 10" x 6" = 0.03876 meters squared surface area
3.  Record the initial weight of water and pan in grams
4.  Place the pan in a standard location, shielded from wind, at 6:30 am daily (when I leave for work :)
5. Expose to the atmosphere for 24 hours
6. Record the final weight of water and pan in grams, obtain grams water evaporated
7. Quantify daily observation as grams water / meters squared / hour
8. Do no record results for days with measurable precipitation


Graphed above.  Note that pan size and observation time of 24 hours essentially cancels unites such that grams water evaporation is almost identical to g / m2 / h

Future Plans:

1. Continue observations
2.  Add morning dew point, ambient temperature, and presence / absence of ice

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