Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beginning NAQCC 30-30

Tonight I decided to work toward the NAQCC 30-30 Award.   

"Make 30 QSO's on 30 meters during a calendar month using as few as 1 day up to as many as 31 days to get the QSO's" 

Well, I'm at the end of August, but let's get warmed up and ready for September that is (wow) just around the corner.

Using a Yaesu FT857d at 5 watts to a ladder line fed dipole, I called CQ on 10.118.  After several minutes, Chip, W9EBE from Southern Illinois replied.  Chip was a solid 599 here, and he gave me a 579 in return.    Chip has a great QRZ page, and indicates he follows the RST system traditionally be ear.   I'll take his 579 using 5 watts as a compliment!

Today we saw a return of heat and humidity to Southern New England.  The high temp was 90 per my weather station.  We're currently at 73 with a dewpoint of 70.  You can really feel the moisture in the air.  There were thunderstorms about the area, but no rain fell here.

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