Monday, August 26, 2013

Denmark on 30 Meters

 69 Degrees, Light Rain, Winds are Calm

After an almost 2 week dry spell, a little rain has arrived.  The landscape is happy.  I was tuning 30 meters, listening call by call.  It's tempting to click through the various spots but also fun to try and pull out the various ops and their call signs.  I really like 30 meters in the late evening.  One call is West Coast US, the next may be Europe.  Ken, OZ1HDF was making a nice run stations here and abroad.  This may be my first Denmark contact on 30 meters.  I called for a while, and then he returned my call with a 549.   He's a very good operator, someone I would like to emulate.   Not just making a run, but taking time to give his name and a cordial 73 at close.

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