Saturday, October 26, 2013

Equipment Woes

46 degrees, mostly clear
Winds 5 from the east
30.03" and steady

I've grown to really like my Kenwood TS590 transceiver.   Based upon my modest knowledge, I'll say this is probably one of the best values in amateur radio equipment.   I've become spoiled using the Kenwood's digital filtering, and the relatively easy (almost) plug and play digital operating using the unit's built in sound card.   All was well until some day in July when the TS590's USB port ceased to function.  I spent days (over several weeks) reinstalling drivers, changing cables, and following the advice of mentor's on the Yahoo TS590 group to no avail. USB interface was dead.   I returned the rig (14 months old and pleasantly out of warranty) to Kenwood factory service in Virginia where I got a prompt reply.   USB failure, parts back ordered.  I won't bore the reader....but my TS590 is out of commission, on the shelf in Virginia until at least March, 2014.   They are "waiting on part from the manufacturer."   No reason to say anything more (insert profound disappointment).

I've pulled my very first rig, a trusty Yaesu 857d, back onto the desktop for use.  More on that to come.  I'm using this experience as a convenient excuse to acquire a new base transceiver.  Now that's exciting.

Phil, N1DN

P.S.  I never determined why the USB failed.   There was no correlation with weather, power surge, or full moon :)  Sometimes things just happen.

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