Sunday, December 1, 2013

10m Beacon Activity

42 degrees, cloudy
30.11 in and falling

The Solar Flux is 133, and a number of 10 meter beacons are visible on the waterfall and audible to the ear today

28.204KA1KNWSouth Windsor, CT
28.224K5GIRCorpus Christie, TX
28.22KP3FTPonce, PR
28.219VE4ARMBrandon, MB
28.214XE3DMerida, Mexico
28.213KF5KBZAustin, TX
28.203PY2WFGSao Paolo, Brazil
28.189LU2DTMar Del Plata, Argentina
28.181VY0SNOIqaluit, Canada

   10 Meter Beacon N1DN/B
   Yaesu 817d at 5 watts to Solarcon A99 Trimed for 10m
    All reception reports are most apprreciated!

Phil, N1DN

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