Tuesday, January 14, 2014

QRP on 40 meters

The Straight Key Century K3Y Anniversary Event is in full swing, and you can always count on plenty of CW stations to call.  I've "almost" swept the 9 call areas for K3Y, and I want to spend the rest of the month working QRP, or low power CW.  Chas, K0CW was working K3Y/0 tonight and imediately answered my call with a 559 signal report.  I then called CQ on the old novice portion of 40 meters, and Maurice, KA4NIC returned my call.  Maurice was using a new KX-1 rig at 4 watts to a long wire antenna.  We exchanged 559 signal reports and had a nice chat.  Things were cut a little short when a DX station started calling CQ on top of us.  I used tonight as an opportunity to work on the NAQCC Montly Challenge for January.  More on that later.   73, Phil

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