Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting around on 500 milliwatts

I brought my Yaesu 817 into the shack to explore very low power operation.  I don't have an attenuator for my other rigs, and the 817 allows me to transmit as low as 0.5 watts.  I didn't have luck calling CQ on 40 or 30 meters, but multiple stations on the Reverse Beacon Network consistently reported my signal.   However, several ops were great in digging out my signal when I replied to their calls.


Mark, AA0YY came right back to me with a 579 signal report.  We had a brief chat despite ending up in the edge of some pileup.  That QSO represented 1,944 miles per watt.

Thanks also goes to James, KE4TWI who answered my call with a 339 report.  We had solid coopy at both end, his signal from Watertown, Tennessee.  That adds another state to my 1000 MPW log.

Phil, N1DN

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