Saturday, February 13, 2016

OK This is a lot of fun.

Record life-threatening Cold is forecast by the NWS.  This seems like a great day to stay indoors and work radio.   There are many contests on this weekend with alot of on-air activity.

Trying CQ RTTY WPX.  20 meters is crowded with RTTY - I'm not getting many replies.  I think I have a virtual sound card problem.

Ok - this is A LOT of fun.
First MARAC County Hunters Net Contact with KB0BA and N0XYL in Craig County, OK.
Randy, AA8R, is a great Net Control.  Rapid fire action - getting QSOs in the log while mobile ops moving on to the next county:

--Butler, TX
--Craig, OK
--Nowata, OK

I spent much of the day working on my station.  I finally pulled the Kenwood TS590s out of the box (after returning from the shop over 1 year ago - replace USB board).  This great rig is up and running again.  What a great receiver.

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