Monday, August 29, 2016

North Fulton ARL Tech Talk via Echolink

Tonight I joined the Tech Talk Conference Sponsored by the North Fulton Amateur Radio League in Georgia.  I'm not certain how I found this conference, but sure glad I did.  I joined via Echolink connecting to the NF4GA Repeater.  The audio quality was fine, and I was able to follow the discussions related to D-STAR and DMR.  They use an online chat room where members post comments and links surround the discussions.  This was really helpful and I'm archiving some links here.  The Charlotte D-Star Group Comparison document is great.

DMR D-STAR Fusion Comparisons

There was also an interesting series of posts and links related to the DV4mini USB Stick allowing a home solution for digital connectivity, using a UHF radiolink from your handheld.

At the end of the net meeting, KM4VGM, Brian requested an APRS message to test out his mobile device IOS APRS app.   This was a great opportunity to test out my use of APRS Pro.  Within several minutes we had exchanged brief messages using handheld devices and APRS.

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