Thursday, December 8, 2016

Newington Amateur Radio League Net

 N1DN's Net Summary Report for: NARL Net
 Date: 2016/12/09  Frequency: 145.450
 Created by N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log
 Version 5.3

 Total Number Stations = 3

AB1GL    George CT
N1DN Phil         CT
K0BOG Chuck     CT

N1DN's Net Summary Report for: WESCON Net Date: 2016/12/09 Frequency: 145.410 Created by N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log Version 5.3 Total Number Stations = 10 K1HEJ Larry CT K1DIQ Michael CT K1MTD Mary CT KB1BSK Dave CT N1DN Phil CT KB1NMO Ethel CT K1AH Vincent CT KC1BXB Marie CT KB1UAU Wilton CT N1KHW Billy CT

Today I received the Southern New England CoCoRaHS Newsletter, written by Editor-in-Chief Matt Spies (CT-FR-9).  What a Great Read!

There some interesting and humbling information related to our on-going drought.

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