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Eastnet / FlexNet Network Destination List

The following information on Packet Linked Nodes along the East Coast comes from the N1URO Packet site:

USA Eastnet/FlexNet Network Destinations
In the USA NorthEastern States Region:
In the USA State of Florida:

Rev. 05/24/08

  The following list of known destination calls are ax25 packet systems that
*may* be linked to the FlexNet network.  Most of these destinations calls are
nodes running PC/FlexNet-Digi or Xnet software. Others are non FlexNet systems
as indicated.
  Please note: Calls in this destination call list will *only* be included in
network destination tables if they are currently operational and a route to
them exist.

Destinations within the Northeastern States Region:

call    ssid   user    notes           area location
WMA Region:
N1URO          145.01                 WMA Ludlow, Hampden County, MA
 "      1-5    -1 Flexnet -2 DXNet -3 URONode/axMail-Fax -4 LinFBB -5 DXSpider
 "      6-9    3Net/xnet  P0 - 145.01 user, P1 - 9k6 link to K1YON-2
 "     11-11   WW Convers
 "     14-14   MFNOS Mail/Gateway/FlexIP router

CT Region:
K1YON   2-4    145.07  -4=BBS          CT   E Hartland, Hartford County, CT
KD1RY   2-4    145.03  -4=BBS          CT   Bethel, Fairfield County, CT
 "      0-0    ------ via KD1RY-2. F6FBB HF Pactor.
N4GAA   1-14   145.09  -4=BBS          CT   West Haven, New Haven County, NY
 "      3-3    URONode/axMail-Fax
 "     11-11   WW Convers
W1EDH   0-4    145.09  -4=BBS          CT   Glastonbury, Hartford Cty, CT
W1HAD   0-7    145.05  -4=BBS          CT   Shelton, Fairfield County, CT
W1WCG   2-5    145.05  -4=BBS          CT   North Haven, New Haven Cty, CT
W1WCG   0-0    ------ via W1WCG-2. Winlink Clasic  HF Pactor Gateway.

NJ Region:
K2UL    0-15   145.07  -4=BBS          CNJ  Hamilton Square, Mercer Cty, NJ
KB2SYD         ------via W2LV          NNJ  Wantage, Sussex County, NY
 "      5-5    DXSpider
 "      6-6    URONode/axMail-Fax
N2QAE   0-4    145.51  -4=BBS          NNJ  Schooleys Mtn, Morris County, NJ
NJ2AR   0-14   145.03  -4=BBS          CNJ  Lakehurst, Ocean County, NJ
W2LI    2-2    145.05  -4=BBS NetRom   NNJ  Murray Hill, Union County, NJ
W2LV    0-5    144.91  -4=BBS          NWJ  Culvers Lake, Sussex County, NJ
W2ZQ    0-4    145.05  -4=BBS          CNJ  W Trenton, Mercer County, NJ
WB2FTX  0-4    ------via WA2SNA -4=BBS NNJ  Butler, Morris County, NJ
 "      0-0    Winlink Clasic  HF Pactor NTS only. NTSNJ Eastern Area Net.
WB2ONA  1-1    MFNOS via WB2SNN IPGate CNJ  East Brunswick, Middlesex Cty, NJ
WA2SNA  0-4    145.01  -4=BBS          NNJ  Wanaque, Passaic County, NJ
WB2SNN  0-14   145.51  -4=BBS          CNJ  Sayreville, Middlesex Cty, NJ

EPA Region:
K3YTL   0-15   145.05  BBS=WA3LWR-4    EPA  Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne Cty, PA
WA3LWR  0-14   145.01  -4=BBS          EPA  Scranton, Lackawanna Cty, PA
WB3DTG  2-4    144.97  -4=BBS          EPA  Bethlehem, Northampton Cty, PA

NLI Region:
K1IMD   2-8    144.91  BBS=WA2PNU-4    LI   Jamesport, Suffolk Cty, NY
K2APL   12-12  145.05  -4=BBS          NYC  Queens County, NY
KB2VLX  0-4    145.05  -4=BBS          NYC  East Bronx County, NY
KC2COJ  0-15   145.05  -4=BBS          NYC  Far Rockaway, Queens County, NY
N2NEI   0-12   145.07  -4=BBS          LI   Wainscott, Suffolk Cty, NY
N2NSA   1-1    MFNOS via KC2COJ IPGate NYC  Far Rockaway, Queens County, NY
N2NSA   9-15   ------  BBS=KB2VLX-4    NYC  Manhattan, New York Cty, NY
N2RQ    0-7    145.01  -4=BBS          NLI  East Meadow, Nasssau County, NY
NY2LI   0-7    145.05  BBS=WA2PNU-4    LI   Yaphank, Suffolk Cty, NY
NY2LI   8-15   147.03  BBS=WA2PNU-4    LI   Hauppague, Suffolk Cty, NY
WA2GUG  10-10  Telpack node via KC2COJ LI   New Hyde Park, Nassau County, NY
WB2CIK  0-14   145.07  BBS=WA2PNU-4    LI   West Hills, Suffolk, Cty, NY
WA2FNQ  0-15   145.05  -4=BBS          LI   Northport, Suffolk, Cty, NY
WA2PNU  0-13   145.99  -4=BBS          LI   Huntington, Suffolk, Cty, NY

ENY Region:
K2PUT   0-4    145.61  -4=BBS          ENY  Mt Ninham, Carmel, Putnam Cty, NY
KC2CWT  1-1    MFNOS via K2PUT IPGate  ENY  Mt Ninham, Carmel, Putnam Cty, NY
N2SQW   0-4    145.07  BBS=N2TY-4      ENY  Athens, Greene County, NY
N2TY    0-4    144.91  -4=BBS          ENY  N Greenbush, Rensselear County, NY
 "      5-5    URONode/axMail          ENY  Albany, Albany County, NY
 "      6-6    DXSpider
W2DMC   0-4    145.51  -4=BBS          ENY  Pomona, Rockland County, NY
WA2UMX  0-8    145.01  BBS=N2TY-4      ENY  Lk Nancy, Saratoga County, NY
WB2QJA  0-8    145.05  -4=BBS          ENY  White Plains, Westchester Cty, NY
WB2ZII  2-6    145.05  BBS=WB2QJA-4    ENY  N Valhalla, Westchester, NY
WB2ZII  9-14   145.09  BBS=WB2QJA-4    ENY  S Valhalla, Westchester, NY

NNY Region:
K2CC   10_10   144.99                  NNY  Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, NY
K2SLC   0-4    145.03   -4=BBS         NNY  Canton, St. Lawrence County, NY
KA2JXI  0-4    145.01   -4=BBS         NNY  Ogdenburg, St. Lawrence County, NY
N2TB    0-2    145.01                  NNY  Russel, St. Lawrence County, NY
WA2NAN  0-4    145.63                  NNY  Fine, St. Lawrence County, NY
WE2A    0-0             -4=BBS         NNY  Chaumont, Jefferson County, NY

CNY Region:
K1YHR   0-5    144.77                  CNY  Hannibal, Oswego County, NY
K2IWR   4-4    via KB2FAF-0 BBS        CNY  Homer, Cortland County, NY
K2JFK   0-10   144.97   -9=BBS         CNY  Clay, Onondaga County, NY
K2QQY   0-5    145.09   BBS=KB2VMC     CNY  Oswego EMO, Fulton, Oswego Cty, NY
KA2AON  0-5    145.69                  CNY  Oswego Fire Ctrl, Oswego Cty, NY
KB2FAF  0-8    145.73  -4=BBS          CNY  Cortland, Cortland County, NY
 "     10-10   via KB2FAF-0 LinuxXNet  CNY  Homer, Cortland County, NY
 "     12-12    "   "       DX Cluster
KC2APG 10-10            Club           CNY  Liverpool, Onondaga County, NY
N2MKH   0-10   144.91   -9=BBS         CNY  Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY
N2PKB   0-15   no user port            CNY  Stamford, Delaware County, NY
NC2C    0-6    147.48                  CNY  Cherry Valley, Otsego, County, NY
W2QYT   0-2    145.07                  CNY  Auburn, Cayuga County, NY
WA2QYT  0-2    145.785                 CNY  Owasco, Cayuga County, NY
WB2QKO  0-6    144.95                  CNY  Brantling Hill, Wayne County, NY

WNY Region:
K2CAN   -2=DXC, -3=BPQ GW, -4=BBS      WNY  Bristol, Ontario County. NY
K2HE    0-8    145.05         Club     WNY  Stockton, Chautauqua County, NY
K2JD    0-5    145.01                  WNY  Rochester, Monroe, NY
K2LHM   0-10   144.97  axudp to K2CAN  WNY  Bristol, Ontario County. NY
KB2VZS  0-4    145.09                  WNY  Fairport, Monroe County, NY
KB2WRM  0-15   145.59                  WNY  Knapps Creek, Cattaraugus Cty, NY
KC2DND  0-6    145.01                  WNY  Aurora, Erie County, NY
KC2DU   0-6    xxx.xx  axudp to K2CAN  WNY  Webster, Monroe County. NY
KC2HFQ  0-6    145.05   -1=BBS         WNY  Wawsaw, Wyoming County, NY
N2UON   0=15                           WNY  Dayton, Cattaraugus County, NY
N2YDF   0-6                            WNY  Buffalo, Erie County, NY
WA2AAZ  0-5    144.95   -0=BBS         WNY  Newark, Wayne County, NY

Destinations within the State of Florida:

call    ssid   user    notes           area location
K2BJG          145.09  -4=BBS          ECFL  Palm Bay, Brevard County, FL
 "      1-1    LinFBB
 "      2-4    -2 Flexnet 145.09 User  -4 BBS
 "      5-5    LinuxXnet
 "      6-6    DXSpider
 "     10-10   MFNOS FlexIP router
 "     11-11   Convers
 "     12-12   URONode/axMail-Fax
KA1ZFO  1-1    145.09  JNOS bbs        SWFL  Englewood, Charlotte County, FL
 "     14-14   LinuxXnet
KD4YAL  1-1    LinFBB                  WCFL  Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL
 "     14-14   LinuxXnet
KI4URF         145.01 v N4LEM-2        ECFL  Cocoa, Brevard County, FL
 "      4-4    LinFBB
 "      5-5    URONode/axMail-Fax
 "      6-6    DXSpider
 "     12-12   Telpac
N4LEM   2-4    145.01  -4=BBS          ECFL  Cocoa, Brevard County, FL
W4AC    0-0    145.61  JNOS bbs        SWFL  Venice, Sarasota County, FL
W4MLB   2-4    145.09  -4=BBS          ECFL  Melbourne, Brevard County, FL
W4OT    2-4    144.91  -4=BBS          ECFL  Vero Beach, Indian River Cty, FL
W4SLC   2-4    145.53  -4-BBS          ECFL  Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie Cty, FL
WA2UPK  2-4    145.07  -4-BBS          CFL   Orlando, Orange County, FL
WD4NKZ  1-1    145.07  JNOS bbs        SWFL  Venice, Sarasota County, FL
  "    14-14   LinuxXnet
WN3DHI  2-4    144.99  -4=BBS          ECFL  Mims, Brevard County, FL

  On a FlexNet network, each FlexNet or Xnet node uses regular polling of its
linked neighbors to verify that these links are currently available for
network routing.  An autorouter at each FlexNet or Xnet node exchanges network
wide routing data with its FlexNet or Xnet node neighbors.  Whenever link
conditions change anywhere within the network, routing data is updated network
wide very quickly.  Other systems such as URONode obtain for their own use,
destination and routing data from linked FlexNet or Xnet neighbor nodes.

  A destination table with current network status info is maintained by each
FlexNet or Xnet node. It can be displayed by use of the <D>estination command.
In this table all destinations, where the autorouter knows a way to, are

  This destination list can usually be found by use of the <A> command on any
FlexNet-Digi node or within the FBB BBS Users directory of an associated bbs.

  This list is distributed via the Packet Network whenever it has been updated
with new information.  Look for a Bulletin, FLXDST @ NESBBS

  This list is maintained by Bob, K2BJG.  Please forward: additions,
corrections, etc to:  Packet:  K2BJG@K2BJG.#ECFL.FL.USA.NOAM

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