Sunday, July 31, 2011

Small Buzzing Sound from Bee #150

Bumble Bee #150 made a showing today....not great...but hey.... I got on the air. I was planning to operate from one of the local state parks. However, I had an opportunity to hike with the family trumped radio. After we got home, Flight of the Bumble Bees was in full swing. I hiked (ok...walked) into the woods behind our house, and set up my newly build Norcal Doublet, MFJ switchable balun, using a 31' Jackite pole. Thanks again Pete, W1PNS, for your guidance AND ribbon to build this great portable antenna.

I was curious to see how my construction fared. I hooked up an MFJ antenna analyzer, and was pleased to see resonance around 7.150 MHz. The antenna tunes nicely on the CW portion of 10m, 15m, 20m, and 40m using a Z-11 autotuner.

I'm happy to report the NorCal doublet saw it's "first radio waves" today with three contacts during Flight of the Bumble Bees.

N1FJ - Frandy, Bumble Bee # 104
K3RLL - Don, Bumble Bee #94
VE2PID - Pierre in Quebec

Buzzing back to work tomorrow, but already thinking of great locations to deploy the new antenna....

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