Monday, November 26, 2012

Can you spot the vertical?

This is my final post while traveling in Jerusalem. I take a portable radio kit on some trips, but decided early on to leave the gear behind for this trip to the Middle East. That doesn't mean you can't think about radio while on the road!

While scanning the skyline in a Jerusalem neighborhood near the YMCA , I couldn't help but notice all the antennas on home rooftops.

There's such diversity within a single block: homes, markets, and shops all having there place here. This is quite a contrast to the growing deed restricted neighborhoods we have at home where uniformity is encouraged, if not enforced.

The antennas are most always UHF and VHF designs for television with an occasional vertical in the mix. But wait! Today I spotted a commercial multi-band HF vertical antenna. Straight out if the QST classifieds. While my photo rendered drawing doesn't do a good job of showing the capacitance hats, see if you can find it.

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