Saturday, December 8, 2012

Straight Key Century Club WES

I hoped to start this weekend with some hiking and portable radio operating. A large to-do list for the weekend, and a cool drizzle called for a change of plans. I decided to set up in the backyard and hold a DOTA. You know, "Driveway on the Air". This turned out to be a nice opportunity to check out my portable setup, which had been packed away for most of this summer. I soon realized I was missing the pipe for my fiberglass Jackite Jack pole mount. That was solved by a quick trip to the local hardware store.

I set up my Yaesu 817, Par N-Fed 20/40 meter antenna, and American Morse iambic key.

I called CQ on 20 meters for about 30 minutes without luck. As I tuned down from 14.060, I heard a number of strong CW signals. The Straight Key Century Club WES started early this month!

I didn't have much time left. However, I quickly made 3 contacts with SKCC members. Thanks to N9ZXL, W4CUX, and W9DLN for picking my call out if the ether.

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