Saturday, December 29, 2012

mPING for iPhone

28 degrees   Heavy Snow    Relatively Calm Winds   Barometer  29.48" and Falling

Ok, I think this is Citizen's Science at it's best!  I've been periodically submitting  Winter Weather Precipitation Reports to a research project of the National Severe Storms Laboratory called PING:  Precipitation Identification Near the Ground.  I first learned of this program at From the Key of W1PNS, a fine amateur radio blog by my New England neighbor, Pete W1PNS.  You basically help meteorologists correlate their radar images with what's actually happening on the ground at your location.  To date, you had to navigate to their web site, manually enter your longitude & latitude, and select from a menu of precipitation types.

Tonight we're experiencing some rather heavy snowfall.   As I went to record an observation, I saw that PING now has an iPhone app to allow for observers to file reports, with automated location entry, on the go.   I just sent my first iPhone PING report to the NSSL.  Check it out:  mPING at the iTunes Store

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