Wednesday, January 9, 2013

30 meter band scan

After searching for K3Y stations for better part of the new year, I decided to scan 30 meters and just listen.....(almost) unaided by spotting networks...and call.     It's interesting what you find.  At 0038 UTC after sunset here on the East Coast, 30m was long to Central America and the US West Coast.

10.12245 HP1AVS / B Victor in Panama
10.120 calling CQ.  Don,  KOMLF  in UT came back with a 589 report.   
10.117 high speed keyboard cw beyond my ability
10.115 Station calling ke5sbz ke5sbzj ???
10.1125 I answered a CQ.  Dan de WA6URY 589 Station in Bellflower, CA. Dan was operating remotely from Tokyo, Japan!   The find of the night.   This was my first contact with a remote station that I know of.
10.110  N7EU coming in strong from Central Point OR 579.  Wx 46 degrees.  He was in a good rag chew with another station I couldn't hear, so I decided to tune on down.
10.105 calling CQ at 5 watts.  I tuned to the HAMjitsu Club Spotter.  I was spotted by the Reverse Beacon VE6AO de Calgary Amateur Radio Asc in Calgary, Alberta.  I got one station asking for my call, but we couldn't make it work.  Maybe next time.

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