Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My First Spartan Sprint

This was my first Spartan Sprint ever sponsored by the Adventure Radio Society.  I got here through the back door.  I was following the HAMjitsu Club Spotter site for flying pigs to add to my WAP award soaring total of "1".    Larry, W2LJ was spotted by one of the reporting station.  I'm a big fan of Larry's blog, so I wasted no time heading down to 80 meters to hear him calling CQ.  Larry, I appreciate the contact!  I realized from his exchange I'd found the SP, and I heard a number of additional stations calling.  Thanks to AA4GA, KB8U, and K4ORD for the contacts.  Ok...I showed up with 18 pounds of gear, so I "missed the boat" here, but I plan to be back next month with an 817 and small key.

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