Thursday, February 13, 2014

(Pre)Valentine's Day Winter Storm

Graphic courtesy of NWS Taunton, Mass

A good little storm has blown through the area today, and is to extend through most of tonight.  Here are the totals from West Hartford, Connecticut so far:

3:00 am ~ approximate beginning of snowfall
12:00 pm ~ observation 4.3 in snow, 0.35 in total precip
2:00 pm ~ period of moderate to heavy blowing snow
3:30 pm ~ observation light mixed winter precip, 4.1 in snow, 0.48 in total precipitation
6:36 pm ~ observation freezing mist, 0.2 in ice accretion, 0.21 in total precipitation

Interim Storm Totals - 8.4 in snow, 0.2 in frozen precipitation, 1.04 total precipitation

More to come.....

2/4/14 Well, more snow and frozen precip overnight.  Here's the total for this approx 27 hour winter storm event:

Snow - 10.2 inches     Total Precipitation - 1.71 inches     Ice 0.3 inches

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