Saturday, May 24, 2014

A trip to the Mailbox Brings Back Memories

3 Great QSL cards came in the mail today.

WN9M - Dean in Merrill, Wisconsin
JT65 contact on 21May2014
Comparing QSL cards and websites, Dean and I seem to share enjoyment of straightkey CW QSOs as well as JT65 contacts.   I think it's very interesting how contrasting technologies over 100 years apart share a common bond among many ham radio operators.

KV4PC - Robert in Madison, Alabama
Robert was another digital QSO.  I couldn't pass his call up, when I saw he's located near my hometown in Madison County, Alabama.  In fact, KV4PC's QSL card has an arial photo of the Alabama Space and Rocket Center that was just blocks from my highschool home.    Robert and I both remeber one of the oringal "Book & Computer Stores"...Madison Books & Computers located in the area.  I bought some of my first computer gear there in the early 1980s.  It's great to see they are still in business - Madison Books and Computers .

G7CNF - Nige in Shepton Mallet, England
Nige has a GREAT assortment of YouTube videos, including top notch instruction on personalizing PowerSDR software located here.   It was great making digital contacts with him recently on 12 and 15 meters.

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