Monday, August 25, 2014

Just 1 QRP contact

There was little time for radio tonight, packing the kids who will leave for school soon.  Starting up DXLABS, I was first greeted by my friend Norton SONAR who promptly deleted Commander from my system.  I tried to fix this problem using the excellent DXLABS group on Yahoo - wonderful help there.  However, the problem persists, and even Windows firewall decide give me trouble tonight as well.  I've posted a request for help on the Yahoo group; more to come on this soon.

I called CQ on 30 meters using 5 watts, with no answer. I then decided to try the reliable QRP section of 40 meters.  KX4P was calling CQ, and answered my reply on the first try.  John, KX4P is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina and gave me a 559 report.  John's a great CW operator, and I was please to copy his code without difficulty guessing at around 22 wpm.

The KX4P gave me several "P"s to work toward this Month's NAQCC challenge - collect call signs to spell out the names of the original continents.   While I'll never make the full nine name, I just need ONE for a participation point with NAQCC.   I just need an "F" to complete my spelling of Africa:

F - any takers?

73, phil

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