Sunday, May 1, 2016

Catching up on 3905 Century Club QSLs

I enjoy participating in some of the 3905cc Nets.    The SSB nets are busy, but a manageable size for you to get several calls in.   I really like the fact they sponsor CW and digital nets as well.  I've managed to earn my "100 point number", the first award for participation, in the 75 meter SSB net - and hope to focus on CW and digital this summer.

I took some time to work on my 3905cc QSL card collection and award applications.  It's a nice time to reflect on contacts with radio friends and new acquaintances.   I was surprised to come across the QSL for my only contact with Earl, W1BML (silent key) who was an ever present senior member of the 75 meters early SSB net.  I never had a chance to meet Earl, but his voice was always there just before the hour to make sure the next frequency was secured before the rest of us arrived.  He is surely missed.

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