Sunday, August 21, 2016

RaDAR from a Local Monument

Jamie and I visited the Connecticut Iwo Jima Memorial - a scaled down but very detailed and beautiful replica of the National Monument.  One hundred citizens of Connecticut are listed on this monument who gave their life in service to our country.  The CT Iwo Jima Memorial is located in New Britain, CT at Grid FN31OQ87.

After visiting the memorial, we took a little time for RaDAR activity using a Stationary Mobile Setup:  Yaesu 857d contained power supply to a Hamstick 20 meter antenna.

I called CQ on 14 MHz and got 2 Stations Operating Portable in rapid fashion.  NA9E, George in Indiana had a great signal 599 here in CT.  He replied with 229 report but had good copy.  There was also Jim, KA0CSW in Minnesota with a 599 / 599 QSO.    I'm really enjoying the mobile rig -- used mostly stationary at points of interest.  It's a great way to combine family activity, travel, and my favorite hobby.   73, Phil  N1DN

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