Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Maryland Slow Net Lesson 50

73 Degrees, Cloudy

Thanks to Bob, N3AEA, for my lessons #50 to #52 tonight on the Maryland Slow Net (MSN).

This was a tough night for copy.   There was quite a bit of atmospheric QRM on 80 meters tonight.

Thanks Bob for helping me out with the repeats!  73, Phil

Monday, August 29, 2016

North Fulton ARL Tech Talk via Echolink

Tonight I joined the Tech Talk Conference Sponsored by the North Fulton Amateur Radio League in Georgia.  I'm not certain how I found this conference, but sure glad I did.  I joined via Echolink connecting to the NF4GA Repeater.  The audio quality was fine, and I was able to follow the discussions related to D-STAR and DMR.  They use an online chat room where members post comments and links surround the discussions.  This was really helpful and I'm archiving some links here.  The Charlotte D-Star Group Comparison document is great.

DMR D-STAR Fusion Comparisons

There was also an interesting series of posts and links related to the DV4mini USB Stick allowing a home solution for digital connectivity, using a UHF radiolink from your handheld.

At the end of the net meeting, KM4VGM, Brian requested an APRS message to test out his mobile device IOS APRS app.   This was a great opportunity to test out my use of APRS Pro.  Within several minutes we had exchanged brief messages using handheld devices and APRS.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

My First DMR Checking

I've entered with world of Digital Mobile Radio with a Tytera Handheld Radio.   I checked into the Connecticut ARES DMR Net.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

NJQRP Skeeter Hunt Report

This was a Great QRP Event!  My goal for the day was to hand out Skeeter #164 and transmit from the New England Trail.  This section of the NE trail is comprised of the Metacomet Trail - one of our Connecticut Blue Blazed Hiking Trails.  AND, it's designed TR-06 with National Parks on the Air event by the ARRL!

You access the trail from the public parking lot at Penwood State Park.  A short but steep rocky hike brings you to a plateau complete with trees to launch a wire antenna, and a nice flat boulder for an operating site.

I used my Yaesu 817 with internal battery at 2.5 watts, EndFed 40-6m antenna from KX3Helper, and a micro iambic hand held key.  I was able to spend about 1 hour on the air, with a storm front approaching from the west.   Wow, the QRP watering holes were really busy.  It's always a pleasure to operate QRP events as people make a special effort to pull your signal out of the crowd.

I was able to log 7 QSOs, all with Skeeter Numbers spanning 7 states and including 2 NPOTA activations.  During the brief encounter I had a few friendly trail runners come by, but thankfully no black bears.  Yes, we have a bear situation around here.  That's a story for another post.   Thanks NJQRP Club for a great event!  73/72  Phil, N1DN

Thursday, August 25, 2016

QRP to Italy station I1MMR

The bands were relatively quiet, and some indicators suggested poor conditions.

On 40 meters just above a big DX expedition, I heard Mauro, I1MMR calling CQ DX.   Operating 5 watts I replied and he answered my call right away.   We had a nice chat exchanging info including 599 and 555 signal reports.

Interestingly I check another band conditions website at the moment that showed 40 meters to be in good condition - in this instance they were correct!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Special times on the air

I tried calling the CY9C DXexpedition on/off through the early evening.  One last try, and got them on my first call 40 meters CW.  The band scope is wonderful for chasing DX!

I then called CQ on 40 meters.  I got consecutive replies from ops in my home towns in Alabama.  K4WWN Lee in Guntersville, Alabama.  Then KK4KO Jay in Hunstville Alabama.  Always nice to here Bama on the air!

Monday, August 22, 2016

SKCC run on 40 meters and New Zealand Surprise

Nice run of QSOs with SKCC members on 40 meters:  NA9GW, KN4OK, KD9EHB, KA2KGP, and KC2NYU.  David, KN4OK, was operating from my birthplace of Albertville, Alabama.  It was near time to shut down.  Stan, ZL2BLQ, in New Zealand was on 20 meters as usual this time of the evening.  We were able to complete a contact, giving me a 20m New Zealand contact.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

RaDAR from a Local Monument

Jamie and I visited the Connecticut Iwo Jima Memorial - a scaled down but very detailed and beautiful replica of the National Monument.  One hundred citizens of Connecticut are listed on this monument who gave their life in service to our country.  The CT Iwo Jima Memorial is located in New Britain, CT at Grid FN31OQ87.

After visiting the memorial, we took a little time for RaDAR activity using a Stationary Mobile Setup:  Yaesu 857d contained power supply to a Hamstick 20 meter antenna.

I called CQ on 14 MHz and got 2 Stations Operating Portable in rapid fashion.  NA9E, George in Indiana had a great signal 599 here in CT.  He replied with 229 report but had good copy.  There was also Jim, KA0CSW in Minnesota with a 599 / 599 QSO.    I'm really enjoying the mobile rig -- used mostly stationary at points of interest.  It's a great way to combine family activity, travel, and my favorite hobby.   73, Phil  N1DN