Monday, November 28, 2016

100 Watts, and the Rest of the Story

Christian Cudnik, K0STH, host of the "100 Watts and a Wire" Podcast shares the story of how a listener compared one of his contributors Steve, WA5SAT, to the great broadcaster Paul Harvey.

As a child growing up in rural Alabama, I recall Paul Harvey being a staple of daily news radio. My grandparents would tune their radio to the local AM station for daily mandatory episodes of The Obituaries, and sometime later that afternoon... Paul Harvey.

You see, the local station would read the listing of deceased community members on the air each day. A somber organ hymn would be playing in the background. This sound simplistic and perhaps humorous today. However, in my Grandparent's time "The Obituaries" was an important way of connecting and keeping in touch with their neighbors using amplitude modulated radio waves.

The second equally important ritual was tuning to Paul Harvey's news commentary on the ABC Radio Network. His measured, staccato style of delivering news and personal commentary was required listening. As a kid, I don't remember much of what he said, but the WAY he delivered the news I will never forget. Dramatic pauses, crescendos, and perhaps the most eloquent use of silence.......on the air. Paul Harvey always seemed to be there. I recall his conservative views as a teenager, and even remember hearing him on the radio during those long drives back and forth to college in the 1980s.

Listening to Christian's podcast today, I made some connections between Paul Harvey, the art of communication, and my passion for amateur radio. My kids don't know who Paul Harvey was, but they all remember "So God made A Farmer" from the Superbowl.

I don't believe Mr. Harvey was an amateur operator, but man he would have commanded 80 meters like no other. Thanks to the 100 W&W podcast, I've taken time to listen to Paul Harvey once again.

"And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a God made a farmer" Paul Harvey 1918-2009

Phil, N1DN
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