Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NTS Message Handling Instructions

Weather in FN31ot

55 degrees, too warm for November, and much needed rain

Unsettled Condition in the Southeast

Terrible fires in the Smokey Mountains Region
Tornado Activity near my birthplace in Sand Mountain, Alabama

WESCON VHF Traffic Net good activity tonight

 N1DN's Net Summary Report for: WESCON Net
 Date: 2016/11/30  Frequency: 145.410
 Created by N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log
 Version 5.3  www.n3fjp.com

 Total Number Stations = 13

N1DN 599 Phillip CT
KB1NMO599 Ethel CT
K1AH 599 Vincent CT
KB1ZAC 599 David CT
AG1YK 599 Steve CT
N1SCR 599 Scott CT
KC1EZV 599 Richard NH
KC1DIQ 599 Michael CT
K1MLG 599 Michael CT
K1MTD 599 Mary CT
KB1FFT 599 Scott MA

**note Richard, KC1EZV from New Hampshire hitting the Vernon CT Repeater tonight!

I've received NTS Traffic with Message Handling Instruction

Handling Instructions (ARRL FSD-218 2/91) 

HXA__ (Followed by number.) Collect landline delivery authorized by addressee within [....] miles, (If no number, authorization is unlimited.). 

HXB__ (Followed by number.) Cancel message if not delivered within [....] hours of filing time; service originating station. 

HXC Report date and time of delivery of the message back to the originating station. 

HXD Report to originating station the identity of station from which received, plus date and time. Report identity of station to which relayed, plus date and time, or if delivered, report date and time and method of delivery (by service message). 

HXE Delivering station get reply from addressee, originate message back. 

HXF__ (Followed by a number.) Hold delivery until [date]. 

HXG Delivery by mail or landline toll call not required. If toll call or other expense involved, cancel message and send service message back to originating station. 

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