Saturday, March 25, 2017

Station of Origin versus Place of Origin

I had a nice phone chat today with Bob, KB4RGB.   Bob pointed out 2 items in the Preamble that can be confused.  He prompted me to perform a review of Station versus Place of Origin.  (Material Courtesy of ARRL Publication):

Station of Origin
"The call sign of the amatuer station originating (creating) the message for the first introduction into the system is the station of origin.  This call sign must stay with the message to the point of delivery."

Place of Origin
"The Place of Origin is the location (city and state) of the party for  whom the message is created, not necessarily the location of the station of origin.  The Place of origin relates to the signature and should make sense to the addressee as the place the the signing party is location.  It must stay with the message to the point of delivery."

Example: N1DN in West Hartford creates a message for a Bob in Wallingford.  The Station of Origin would be N1DN.  The Place of Origin would be Wallingford.    The Signature would be Bob (the name of the person for whom the message was created).

Source:  NTS Methods and Practices Guidelines.  Traffic Net and Message handling Procedures.  ARRL.

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